My new show Finding Magic uses a mixture of storytelling, humour, magic and film. It has been described as a deeply compelling piece of theatre that is moving, amusing and magical. 

Do you believe in magic?

Finding Magic – official trailer

Throughout this show I explore my progression through grief and healing. I am trying to understand my bereavement journey but at the same time trying to find my magic again.

Following the loss of my son Jess, I had to face a new reality of unpredictable triggers, clichés and flashbacks. Throughout the whole journey, which I am to some extent still on, has meant that I have had to develop a new kind of surreal humour and other things in order to ‘make it through’.

Finding Magic is my story of loss, longing, love and laughter.

Finding Magic premiered in October 2020 at Norwich Puppet Theatre in socially distanced shows. The performance was streamed via Zoom live from the Puppet Theatre, with a specially adapted show especially for an audience on Zoom the week after.

Here’s what people said about the show

  • “Joyful, playful, a delight of an explanation into the realness of being a human with everything that entails.”
  • “I found the show extremely touching and powerful”
  • “Thought provoking. Fun. Melancholic”
  • “Magical! Beautiful, moving, intelligent, magical”
  • “Very moving & beautifully crafted piece of theatre”
  • “Very emotional & moving. We all felt the pain and the joy.”
  • “An uplifting emotional rollercoaster – thought provoking”

Looking for information for your venue or organisation?

Finding Magic is available for venues and organisations to book a show or viewing. Please see the Finding Magic Enquiries page for details.

This project has been Lottery Funded with thanks to Arts Council England.

With thanks to: Director – Peter Beck, Technical Managers – Mark Benfield, Mark Hannant, Film maker – David Guttridge, Composer – Robin Forrest, Illustrations – Cora Mullenger, Magic Consultant – David Fung, Poems – Simon Fairweather, Set Design and Construction – Peter Beck, Marketing and Publicity – Rebecca Claxton, Fiona Muller, Viability study – Creative Arts East.