A film by Beverley Bishop

On 11th October 2018 my beautiful son Jess Fairweather took his own life.

Jess was 20 years old and had started studying law at the University of East Anglia just two weeks earlier.

Five Days To Say Goodbye is a screenplay based on my final days with him in the funeral home – the last conversations I had with him before I had to say a final goodbye.

Five Days to Say Goodbye – film trailer

The film has been selected for both the Courage Film Festival in Berlin – an international film festival that offers a platform for films that spark discussion and debate, and the Norwich Film Festival – an international film festival that celebrates independent film.

It is a story of love, loss and life after tragedy. It is a story I felt the need to tell, in the hope that it would help others.

Five Days To Say Goodbye runs for 20 minutes and was premiered at Norwich Puppet Theatre on the first anniversary of Jess’ death. It is now available for public and private screening.

Five Days to Say Goodbye impacted me in a powerful way. I cried and I smiled as Beverley remembered and paid tribute to Jess, while seeking to understand and respect the decision he made. I truly believe the film will have a positive impact on the lives of others who watch it. A moving and powerful testimony.

David Richardson, Vice Chancellor, UEA

Your strength and dignity shines through.

Sarah Sands, Editor, ​Radio 4 Today programme
BBC Look East coverage

Radio 4 interview, Beverley Bishop on the Today Programme


As a licensed therapist, I also offer a workshop and discussion programme to accompany the screening.

Workshops are bespoke and I cater for the needs of the group, taking into account age, purpose, etc.

Themes explored include grief, suicide, mental health, practicalities of dealing with death, love, and live after tragedy.

Workshops are ideal for bereavement groups and people working within the funeral industry, and can be adapted to suit your organisation’s needs.

If you would like to see the full film or would like to find out more about the workshop and discussion programme please contact me.