As an experienced public speaker and regular presenter at events and conferences, I’m no stranger to taking to a microphone and sharing my stories.

I have been interviewed many times and featured on Radio 4’s Today programme as well as BBC Look East, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Norfolk and True Stories Live.

I am currently available for podcast interviews and can speak on a number of topics, including:

  • Mental health and suicide – A mother’s perspective
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Creativity as a therapeutic process
  • Finding joy
  • The healing power of laughter
  • Laughter yoga for good health

I listened to your true story podcast. Now I’m trying to avoid cliches here but what an extraordinarily brave and beautiful thing you did there. Delivered so wonderfully. Composed and eloquent but drenched in love and passion. Really extraordinary. I’m going to try and keep my razzle-dazzle alive and well. Thank you and thank you Jess for the lesson and the inspiration.

Anthony Roberts, Colchester Arts Centre

Hear me on stage

True Stories Live is a series of curated events in which people tell their stories from stage to a live audience – these are my true stories.

Tiger Mama, True Stories Live, 2020

Razzle-dazzle, True Stories Live, 2019

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If you would like to get a quote for an event booking or to make an enquiry regarding wellbeing workshops, please contact me.